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About Us

Why Unique

  • This organisation is purely a social initiative driven by a social cause.
  • We just provide what is exactly required for examination and what examination demands, dumping of voluminous and irrelevant content is not our objective.
  • Content that is provided in modules is carefully crafted and tailor-made for examination.
  • Apart from providing educational services, we would collaborate with renowned NGOs which are making a noteworthy contribution to the society and out of total subscription amount 20% would be given to them as financial aid.
  • Providing mentorship is not tantamount to mere furnishing information. It is much more than that, as it entails several key elements like
    1. Giving the right guidance and strategic direction
    2. Providing content that is apt and appropriate
    3. Endowing tips and tricks
    4. Advising dos and don’ts
    5. Assisting in proper planning and execution
    6. Enhancing capabilities and competencies of student
    7. Conducting periodic tests, evaluating performance and providing constructive feedback Inclusive Education Forum ensures all these under a single umbrella and helps in realization of your ambition.
  • What makes our organisation distinguished is that we operate on a non-profit motive basis, giving utmost importance to precepts of affordability, accessibility and inclusivity.

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