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Inclusive Education Forum has launched a platform for civil services examination which is one of the India’s most challenging examinations. IEF emphasizes on providing quality content abiding by the principles of inclusivity, accessibility and affordability. The content for examination is provided in the form of several modules uniquely designed to ensure the success in the examination. IEF is a one-stop shop for entire information pertaining to all phases of civil services exam i.e. Prelims, Mains and Interview. Test series is also included as part of Prelims module and we would be providing you 22 tests encompassing monthly tests, subject wise tests and grand tests for a preliminary examination. One unique feature associated with our test series is, tests are conducted from the month of June in the current year till May ensuing year. This process of learning and writing tests throughout the year enriches the knowledge, provides an opportunity for identifying weaknesses and mid-course corrections.

Sample copy for all modules is provided below so that civil service aspirants can read those documents to assess the quality of information. Upon reading those if you are satisfied with the content that has been furnished you can subscribe by filling details in the subscription form. The subscription fee is just Rs 1000/year for availing all modules and test series (22 tests).

If you like the service and motto of our organisation please refer to your friends. I thank from the bottom of my heart to those who have subscribed to the services and supporting our organisation.


Note*:Subscription Fee: Rs. 1206/Year              (All Taxes + Transaction Fee)





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