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In this contemporary era, competition has become inalienable part and parcel of individual life. Human beings have to contend and win in multifarious competitions in his journey to reach pinnacle. The purpose of competition is to choose the best and it is inevitable in the competition that if someone wins someone has to lose. But the basic question arises here is whether there is level playing field in the competition? The answer is definitely ‘no’ because the output of competitive exams is heavily skewed towards sections of society who can afford quality mentorship and coaching. Inequalities that are prevalent in the society across social and economic lines are disrupting the equity in competition giving undue advantage to some at the stake of others especially the bottom most of societal ladder.

Inclusive Education Forum is an organisation established on the lines of Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) to correct this anomaly by providing quality and low cost educational services by leveraging Information and Communication Technology tools. Our organisation specifically addresses issues and concerns of poorest of poor, marginalised and vulnerable sections who owing to their socio economic hindrances are not performing to their fullest potential and are being pushed out of competition. The aim of organisation is to provide quality coaching at affordable price which can be accessed by all so that socio economic limitation no longer becomes the limiting factor in succeeding. The word inclusive in Inclusive Education Forum connotes inclusivity, which refers to no one should be left behind especially the poor.

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